2 Jul 2015
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The Caldmore House

In 1886, a small development of three houses in Oxford Street, CaldmoreVisit the Caldmore house - Click to go inside was planned. This was nothing remarkable as Victorian terraced houses were generally built in small units of less than ten properties by different builders.

Oxford Street houses were typical of all the Victorian terraced homes in the Caldmore area from the end of the nineteenth century until house clearances in the 1960s and 1970s.

However unlike the bulldozed Oxford Street, some Victorian terraced housing has been saved and modernised and is still providing solid family homes for Caldmore residents in the twenty-first century.

Walsall residents who grew up in Caldmore between the 1930s and 1960s were interviewed about their childhood and the following statements are extracts from the taped interviews. Occasionally, words have been added (within brackets) to assist in understanding the text.

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Map showing Caldmore in 1887 - click for a larger version (43kb)
Ordnance Survey Map of 1887
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Carless Street Sign 2002Oxford Street was renamed Carless Street in 1923 after the World War One hero, John Henry Carless. John Carless was killed during the naval battle of Heligoland on 11th November,1916 and had been posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for 'conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty'.


Quotes are taken from oral history tapes. The original tapes are held at Walsall Local History Centre and copies of tapes are available in the Centre for people researching the social history of Walsall.

Ordnance Survey Maps of Walsall are available to view at Walsall Local History Centre.

The Centre holds thousands of Building Plans for the Walsall area. These plans are available for viewing in the Centre.

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