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About social care in Walsall

About us

Walsall social care and supported housing arranges high quality, economic, efficient and effective services. In delivering these services we promote inclusion and independence, respect the dignity and diversity of users and assure protection where appropriate.

We provide services for:

We aim to:

More information is available at our social care webpages.

Social care and supported housing service areas

At Walsall our primary concern is always the people and communities we serve. With this in mind, our approach to improvement is guided by:


Services for adults

Adult services has witnessed recent major change and improvement. We have secured extra resources, helping provide greater choice to people in need of care and support. Working in partnership with the primary care trust with having already developed integrated learning disability services (managed by the local authority) and integrated mental health services (managed by the primary care trust) we are developing an integrated younger adults and disability services and are working towards the development of an integrated older people’s service.

Adult services are divided into 5 divisions:

We are creating excellent opportunities for talented, creative people to achieve real changes for service users and to develop their careers in adult services.


Learning disability services

In Walsall we are committed to ensuring people with learning disabilities have the right to lead valued, independent and inclusive lives. And we’re leading the way in changing our services.

We operate an active partnership board to oversee changes being made to health and social services, employment, education, leisure and other community services in support of this commitment. These changes support our core philosophy and involve a range of agencies, family carers and - most importantly - people with learning disabilities.

Recent positive changes we’ve implemented include:

Our integrated learning disability team brings together community nurses, social workers, challenging behaviour team, occupational therapists and others into one service with a single access point. This team is at the hub of our plans for continued service improvement.

Now we’re developing locality bases to help us work more closely with local communities. We have won extra resources for this service and are planning further expansion over the next three years. It’s an exciting time for us and we hope to welcome you to our team.


Children’s services

In Walsall, children are a priority. And in children’s services we work hard to promote the health, welfare and life chance benefits of children and young people. And we focus on delivering and developing services that promote the upbringing of children in their homes and families.

We are committed to listening to children and young people. Learning about our services from their perspective helps us focus on strategic goals, whilst not losing sight of who and what is important.

Our priorities include protecting vulnerable children from harm, ensuring children are securely attached to substitute carers, and maintaining the health and social care needs of care leavers.

We aim to develop a skilled, trained, stable workforce. And we work hard to promote both effective use of resources amongst our staff, and information about our services to the children we care for.

Services are delivered through a child focused model (children first) which comprises:


Support services

A service on the scale of Walsall’s social care and supported housing directorate demands a range of support to help manage, oversee and deliver aspects of service which require detailed planning, resourcing and infrastructure. Our support services network includes:

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