5 Jul 2015
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Council Tax Refund Request Form

Please use this form to request a refund of overpaid council tax. If you prefer not to complete online forms, please contact us with your request. Please note: Refunds are issued only in instances where a valid overpayment is made on the account.

The information you provide on the form below is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. The details entered will be retained for as long as you are shown as a council tax/rate payer and, where necessary, used to update the Authority's Financial systems (which include Council Tax, Benefits); for rent accounting purposes; the administration and collection of other charges; and for the purpose of performing other statutory enforcement duties. Further information regarding the Data Protection Act 1998 is available at the Data Protection Commissioners Website.

Notes for completion of this form:
  • Your council tax account number is an eight digit number found on your council tax demand e.g. 70999999

  • Wherever possible, please include the Post Code for any addresses given.

  • This field must be completed Indicates that this field must be completed.

E-mail address
This field must be completed Current council tax account number
This field must be completed Name
This field must be completed Address of property

Post Code
Billing address (if different from above)

Post Code
Reason for refund request

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Last Updated: 14 March 2003